Do we get the flippers we deserve?

I posted the above image with the words ‘And here come the scummy flippers’ then responded and so the conversation continued-
If people had an ounce of patience then this scummy flippers (well said my friend) wouldn’t be able to exist. I get it, to a degree, when it’s a limited edition watch or something that can’t be had in any other way than going to a flipper. But so many watches can be had for MSRP if one can just wait! The Pepsi Q for example is now readily available. Only a couple months after its release. Why can’t people wait? Reminds me of the marshmallow experiment lol.

totally agree, but we love watches so it’s easy to fool ourselves into wanting something at silly prices. Look at vintage Rolex
well yes and no. I agree that we fool ourselves but again I make allowances in logic for those people who will buy into something because there’s no other way of having it. So, you’re right, the market around vintage Rolex is absurd. But I can understand people who operate in it because people are buying into legacy, nostalgia, and history. If you value those three things and want a watch associated with them, then you just have to pay what the market rate is or not buy. There’s no other option. Waiting won’t do a thing. Whereas in instances like with these Timex models for example, and there are others, people just don’t want to wait. It’s not a question of having no other way of getting something, but rather they don’t want to wait. For vintage Rolex, you can wait all you want, the price won’t ever come down to the quality of the watch (yes, I think by modern standards vintage Rolex is pretty meh quality) so it’s either pay up or move on. I just wish people would practice patience and a lot of watch related issues would go away. Actually, especially the modern Rolex shortage has a lot to do with this–people don’t want to wait for a sport Rolex in steel, so they will pay grey market, fuelling the gray market to buy more of them in the hunt for profit and make it harder to get at an AD. Rant complete 😁 lol

I agree that vintage Rolex are a bit meh in terms of quality (like a Hamilton of today if you ask me), but I kind of get that. This behaviour of paying more for something is true of many other products though. The iPhone showed that not so long ago and it still happens today with AirPods etc. Consumer culture I guess…

Boy does he have some good thoughts! Give him a follow here.

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