Apple new curved glass iMac

This impressively thin form factor allows Apple to isolate the actual computer into a block at the back that helps prop the glass facade up. Complete with a smorgasbord of ports (and that cheesegrater CNC-machined grille that Jony designed exactly a year ago), the grille sits at a slight tilt too, allowing heat to travel outwards and upwards. The new take on the iMac Pro allows Apple to keep its all-in-one desktop computer looking incredibly slim without sacrificing on power and performance. Designed to be a beast of a machine, the iMac Pro features a 24-inch Retina display complete with a glowing Apple logo below it, a FaceID camera module (taken from the iPad Pro) above it, and a unique ambidextrous layout at the very bottom that allows both left and right-handed users to have their own trackpad. A number-pad seems to be missing (even in the patent drawing), but I’d probably guess a simple program would allow users to turn the spare trackpad into a touch-sensitive number pad… More here.

Nice, so nice.

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  1. I’m trying to figure out how much of a drawback not being able to adjust the height of the screen would be…

  2. It’s beautiful but…

    Some of us have the height problem with the current iMac. You can tilt the screen. You can put it on various stands, but if it’s too tall, you’re stuck unless you can lower it behind a desk somehow. I’m 5’5″ and shrinking from age. I was 5’7″. I’ve raised my chair to its highest and have to use a foot pad. Even with the iMac tilted down, looking straight on my eyes are about 25% below the top. For proper ergonomics they should be at the top or a bit above. Good thing the screen is large and I can adjust where the windows are.

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