Omega Geneve calibre 1012 (1974) review

I haven’t reviewed a new watch for a while so I though I would review an old one. A watch that is 45 years old in fact.

It was spotted in a vintage watch shop I know and I spent some time just staring at it because certain features caught my eye immediately. The quake case with the rounded square dial, the integrated and highly tapered bracelet and the consistency of the form grabbed me instantly, but not enough to consider the £500 asking price.

I left it over Christmas and then found it on eBay from the same seller. It was slightly cheaper and my interest was stirred again so I made a silly offer. When he came back with £330 I decided to take the plunge and it was mine.

A few days later it arrived and I was all set, or so I thought.

Resizing the bracelet was easy enough and it felt just so good on my wrist, but the 2 minutes slowness per day was a problem. As someone who does not mess around with the insides of watches too often this was a challenge, but as ever the forums came to my aid and with some trial and error I have managed to get it to within 20 seconds per day.

At some point it will be going for a service to a watchmaker I know, the calibre 1012 is a bit of a challenge I believe, but I have been struggling to let it go for even a few days. It just sits so perfectly on my 7.25” wrist which is a surprise when you consider the relatively small size.

The 36mm width sounds small, but when paired with the 46mm lug to lug length and the square shape it just works on my wrist. It is also slim which adds to the vintage feel which is cemented by the wonderful integrated bracelet.

The bracelet is one of the highlights without doubt with a serious taper that ensures the way it drops from the watch unit makes it feel completely like one flexible unit. Seriously, it is just so lovely to wear and to look at from any angle.

The crystal is far from sapphire of course and so is prone to easy scratches as the crystal is slightly raised, but it fits with the subtle dial that is silver throughout with the hands just visible enough to make it perfectly readable. I initially thought that this watch may be difficult to read, but it has proven to be practical enough to allow quick time checking, and the date window is also big enough to present the day without any major issues, another area that many manufacturers fail at.

I don’t have too much to say about this watch apart from the fact that it has captured me in a way that I did not expect. For the relatively low price you get a unique design, a high-end brand, vintage quality and practicality in almost every area. What’s not to like?

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