Casio G-Shock X Herschel G-Lide

To sum up the timepiece, it imagines itself as what a G-Shock would look like if these products existed at the time when United States veterans were returning from the Vietnam War (and bringing their timepieces back with them). The inspiration for the watch was actually a Zippo lighter from the era that was owned by a soldier and that had “You Can Surf Later” stamped into the steel case. That same statement, with the same font, is stamped into the back of this watch, complete with a period-appropriate font. It makes you smile to read it, and it also helps explain why Herschel decided to use the G-Shock G-Lide watch, which is actually intended for surfers, with its moon phase and tide chart indications on the dial. Don’t miss the gradually “re-trending” removable metal “screen protector” on the case that was popularized in the 1980s… More here.

I like this because it’s different to the standard G-Shock colouring, but it does make me wonder how long digital watches have. They sit between traditional watches and smart watches, and each arguably does a better job than traditional digital.

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