The Laco Flieger Limited – Topper Edition Watch

The word that comes to mind while examining this piece is “elegance.” That’s a rare word in the flieger watch vocabulary, but here it’s surprisingly apt. While the crisp, legible forms of the classic A-Uhr flieger dial are still present here, Laco and Topper have thrown out the military matte black look in favor of something more unique and luxe. Starting with Laco’s traditional blued hands, the Flieger Limited – Topper Edition adds a base of glossy white lacquer and the watch’s signature dish, the world’s first heat-blued applied hour indices. Bluing steel is a notoriously temperamental process, one that demands precisely controlled and meticulously applied heat to ensure an even color throughout the finished piece. While the flat surfaces of watch hands or the tops of screws are challenging enough, the decision by the brand to use indices standing a full millimeter above the dial surface made the process truly daunting… More here.

That is such a lovely design, it just has something about it.

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