Elon Musk wins the ‘Pedo Guy’ case

The Brit’s lawyers talked darkly of the impact of the verdict on the future legal recourse individuals may have to insults posted on social media.

And the first major defamation trial to focus on a tweet may indeed set a precedent for what is regarded as acceptable on Twitter.

But Americans hold dear the freedom of speech guaranteed under the First Amendment of the Constitution and Mr Musk’s lawyer asked the jury if it was right for them to be policing speech… More here.

My son, who is studying law, told me last week that Musk would win without a doubt and he was right. I can see why because the law has to be black and white to work and this case has too many ambiguities to come to a different conclusion.

The problem here is that if someone with Musk’s reputation and reach can besmirch the reputation of someone so easily and get away with it then where do we go next? He has no evidence to make such a description of this man and even used the term ‘child rapist’ in further correspondence, but freedom of speech seems to cover that. I am conflicted.

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  1. Isn’t that the definition of libel? Publishing a false statement that damages a person’s reputation? Freedom of speech only goes so far. And I don’t think the Founding Fathers of the U.S. intended freedom of speech to be used to spread falsehoods about a person. That’s why there are libel and slander laws.

    That said, I’m not surprised that Musk won.

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