One man’s Rolex tells its story at last

My initial reaction was that something felt off. Sifting through memoranda written by senior intelligence officials seemed like something I should not have been doing. It was all very Hollywood, the story unfolding in the same way that an artifact that turned up out of nowhere might have thrust Dan Brown’s protagonist, Robert Langdon, into a deep web of dark secrets and shady organizations in The Da Vinci Code. The reality is that there are very real secrets every country keeps, but the story surrounding the watch happened to have been declassified in 1998. Anyone could look it up, but few people ever had. The intelligence community is dark and spooky by design. It’s hard to know who to trust when a watch turns up on your desk and sends you down a rabbit hole into shadowy corners of American history… More here.

Great article from Hodinkee. I do wish, however, that the magazine would be available in a digital format because the price per issue is a little too strong (no matter how good it is).

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