AirPods Pro make me dizzy (I think)

Up until two years ago I suffered from Labyrinthitis which is caused by a virus that attacks the inner ear, similar to a common cold. The symptoms lasted for four years and I look back on that period as one of the worst in my life. I put on over 70 pounds in weight, hardly moved and when I did it consisted of slow walking and I was pretty miserable.

I was unlucky because 90% of people who catch the virus only suffer balance problems for a few weeks, but for some reason there are those of us whose brains do not realise that the inner ear is damaged (changed shape) and so we get dizzy over and over and over again. Day after day. I am also lucky because some people have the symptoms for decades and once I realised it had gone life got better, I got a lot thinner and things returned to normal.

And then I bought the AirPods Pro.

I have been using the Jaybird Tarah wireless headphones recently and they have been brilliant and previous to that the Beats X with the occasional stints using the previous AirPods models.

For some reason, however, the AirPods Pro are causing me to experience the dizziness again and I don’t think I am imagining it. I have tried a day without them and had no problems, but if I use them for more than 2 hours I experience the sensation of dizziness, a very familiar feeling that is not pleasant and which I believed I would not experience again.

I think it’s the noise cancellation feature that is doing it. I always use the feature when using headphones and in the case of the AirPods the strange sensation of cutting out exterior noise is much more apparent than with other models I have tried. It is the only thing that I can presume to be causing this problem, but I am certain that the new AirPods are making me dizzy after testing them over a few days.

Of course I cannot be 100% certain and there is evidence that using headphones for long periods can exacerbate balance issues, but I have not had this problem with any other set.

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  1. I purchased AirPod Pro’s yesterday and, slept with them on last night, and woke up incredibly dizzy. It has lasted all day. I am 100% positive it was due to the noise cancelling. I’ve slept with the old AirPods every night for over a year with no issues. Apparently it is a common thing that can happen with noise cancelling head phones. Your body gets disoriented especially when it doesn’t have the ability to see. So by the time you wake up your body is disoriented and your equilibrium is thrown off.

  2. Wow, I spent my morning throwing up an the whole house spinning after I used the AirPods for a hour long conference call this morning. I have only used them for that long at the gym twice but never this long sitting down.
    Still feeling Queasy and I Will never put them back in for the fear of getting dizzy again.

  3. I returned my AirPods pro after feeling dizzy too. First day of use was ok, then the second day it really started getting to me. I felt kind of motion sick, and my balance was a little off. Even with noise canceling off, I still felt a little pressure. Not sure if they still have just a bit of noise canceling enabled when off, or if it was my brain creating the feeling (of if the effects were residual from having the noise canceling off).

    The transparency mode also made me feel weird. And it’s an interesting feature, but I found it too treble-y anyway.

    I wanted to get used to them, but decided that even if I could adapt to the buds with the noise canceling feature off, it wouldn’t be worth the price tag. Went back to AirPods 2, and appreciate them more. Plus, they have a mild transparency mode turned on all the time 🤓

  4. Yes me too. The air pods pro made dizzy and I can’t seen to get over the dizziness. It is messing with me so much to the point it is affecting my work and daily life. I was 90% sure it is the air pods because I start having dizziness issue right after I start using them. Now I am certain. Thank you every one for sharing.

    It weird why are they causing the dizziness? And does that happen to only specific people? Bunch of questions to be answered and this problem should really be reported to apple.

    • My wife is experiencing a similar issue. She wore the AirPods on a 5 hour flight and then felt periodic dizziness for 5 days. She wore them again for the return 5 hour flight and now she has been dizzy again for 4 days. We are hoping it goes away like last time but are quite worried about it.

      Did your dizziness go away? How long did it take?

  5. I have the same problem. I bought it two months ago. Does anyone know if I still can change it for airpods2 by apple? Any solution? Thanks!

  6. The same effects to me, with noise cancelling on or off, i feel dizzy every time, i just take off and feel better.

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