AirPods Pro still making me dizzy…

I wrote about the AirPods Pro and the sense that they made me dizzy with noise cancellation on some time back, and now I can confirm that it definitely happens.

A week ago I found myself feeling dizzy and verging on sick most evenings and put it down to hay fever or maybe a lack of food because I am dieting (again). It carried on and I was concerned that I was suffering a reoccurrence of previous balance problems, but then I remembered my AirPods and decided to check their settings.

For some reasons they had switched to transparency which was a surprise for two reasons; I had changed no settings at all and previously I had gotten dizzy with the noise cancellation turned on.

It would appear that either of these settings, in effect artificial settings from Apple, can have a negative effect for people like me who have had historic balance problems and that is quite strange. I would love to know if this is happening elsewhere, but from the previous comments and the fact that my previous post about AirPods Pro dizziness remains as the second most read McGST post ever suggests that this is not very uncommon.

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