Is a one watch collection possible?

It probably isn’t if you have gone down the rabbit hole of understanding and enjoying watches. To truly enjoy just one watch one of two things needs to have happened- either it was handed down to you and as such has a special attachment which means that no other watch can compete with it, and it just happens to be reliable and practical enough to wear every day.

The other possibility is that you buy what you consider to be a great watch and you stick with it because it suits your style, your sense of self worth and it just works. As such, you have little interest in watches in the way collectors do and are more than happy to wear it in any situation and with any outfit.

The problem for those of us who start to really understand watches is that we notice, and can become obsessed with, the level of finishing and the quality of the movements. It doesn’t end because there are unlimited watches to tempt us with unlimited designs, histories and styles, and the geek-level interest means that it is hard to not want a watch for every situation or for each day.

This then causes each watch to somehow become less special, in my opinion, because it is part of a collection rather than an accessory which goes with you everywhere and which shares the experiences and memories with you.

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