Why is the Galaxy Fold even on sale?

We can’t say the company didn’t warn us. As I noted the other day, Samsung issued a video prior to launch, advising users to “Just use a light touch,” B/W the footnote, “Do not apply excessive pressure to it.” The Fold itself came with ample paperwork warning against:

Excessive pressure
Placing objects like keys on the screen before folding
Exposing the Fold to water or dust
Adding your own screen protector to the existing screen protector
Keeping the device next to easily deactivated objects like credit cards and implanted medical devices… More here.

This is a disaster waiting to happen, one that will make the fuss that occurred when the review devices broke seem like a minor blip.

Categories: Android

2 replies

  1. I could be snarky and say “Wait for Apple to do it right (i.e. their definition of innovate)” but I wonder whether it’s worth it.

  2. exposing the fold to dust
    Says it all…

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