Centaur Smart Chess Set

Centaur Smart Chess Set lets anyone play chess against a computer algorithm that learns their playing level and adapts to match it. (There is also a ‘challenging’ setting that causes the Centaur to play slightly above the user’s level, pushing their skills to grow.) Designed to provide a single-player chess experience that is as natural as possible against a machine, the Centaur Smart Chess Set features capacitive detection to register the user’s moves of its physical chess pieces and unique LED lights to indicate the computer’s moves. It allows you to change the computer’s move to create a different challenge as long as it’s a legal move. E-paper display lets the user adjust settings, game level, timer, and receive hints… More here.

It’s not cheap, but it could prove to be a very capable training device.

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  1. It would be cool if the opponent pieces move themselves. Should be doable with today’s technology.

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