Apple Watch sleep tracking

Today, 9to5Mac has learned from sources inside Apple that the company is working on sleep tracking for the Apple Watch, which won’t require any special hardware to work. The new feature could be announced as early as next week when the company is expected to announce the next generation iPhones and possibly a revised Apple Watch with titanium and ceramic options… More here.

Many will say that this is way overdue and I kind of agree given the competition has been doing this forever. The only problems I see are that it will mean users having to adjust how they charge their watches, many do it overnight, and I have to ask if sleep tracking offers any benefits at all. I stopped tracking my sleep a month ago, after many years doing so, and it has made no difference at all. Can you really improve your sleep by tracking it? I’m leaning towards a no on that question.

Categories: Apple, Smart Watches

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  1. I’m waiting for it to somehow be able to monitor respiration and possibly position. That would be useful for sleep apnea.

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