iOS 13 thoughts

I have been trying iOS 13 for a week or so and overall I am quite impressed. Forget the occasional crash or slow down, this is a beta and that’s what betas do. It is all about the new features and the improvements- these are what matters for long term usage.

I don’t use Reminders or Notes (2Do and Bear are way ahead), but the improvements in each are welcome and just enough to make them feel new without losing any of the familiarity.

Dark Mode is a nice touch and it works superbly, but this is one of those ‘wow this is great, but I won’t ever use it again’ features. I used it twice and haven’t touched it since.

The Memoji stickers are good fun and I have used them a few times until my wife got sick of receiving them.

Photos is much better now and the ‘Photos’ tab looks brilliant. It’s not better than Android as such, but it is much better than before. I also prefer the bigger thumbnails in other views.

There is one feature, however, that stands out and that is the swipe keyboard. Yes, you could already have this, but it is nice to have it natively and it works so well it is almost hard to believe that it captures 99% of what I am typing (swiping). I use it all of the time already and cannot imagine going back to tapping on my iPhone keyboard.

Many of the other changes are very much in the background, but overall I am quite impressed with this release, even if it is only the keyboard changes that will stick with me. I’m not oblivious to the fact that these background changes will also offer many benefits in the long run.

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  1. I wonder if Apple sees a 3rd party app/improvement and thinks “That’s cool! I wonder how many releases I should wait before copying, er implementing this feature.” Don’t they call that sherlocking?

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