Has Rolex gone too far?

It would appear that the negative thoughts aimed at Rolex are growing and it is hard to know if this is justified or simply born from the frustration of not being able to buy the models we want to buy.

This first video sums up the thoughts of many and mirrors my recent experience visiting a Rolex AD in Bluewater. I am looking for an Oyster Perpetual 39 in white and the offer of going on the waiting list, the cagey talk about the current situation and the general arrogance really did make me thing again.

The second video is from a man who divides opinion, seemingly between those who know him and those who don’t, but he does make some very good points. You could argue that he is trying to help flippers here, but what he says make sense and at times the growing viewpoint that Rolex is deliberately holding back stock comes out again.

I am starting to feel that Rolex is all too happy with the current situation and I for one am now looking at Omega instead.

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