The Apple TimeBand

Created as a concept piece by the “Industrial Design Group” who displayed it on the March/April 1991 back cover of Industrial Design magazine, it has buttons on the left that imply phone connectivity and print service. On the screen, menu item Schedule has been selected and the Select Transportation Type dialog box displays Airline, Train, Bus, Ship/Ferry and Interplanetary options to chose from. The TimeBand uses the rainbow Apple logo on the watch but the ad cover itself has the newer pure white logo up in the corner, implying that Apple approved the design and is advertising this advanced industrial design work at Apple… More here.

How we expected the future to be back in 1991…

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  1. It’s past 2015. Where’s my hoverboard?!

  2. If you search for iPhone wrist band, there are lots of options. The problem is that most iPhone apps won’t rotate 90 degrees. That plus the size.

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