Is the Apple Pencil the next killer iPhone feature?

Apple is obviously not going to be releasing a foldable phone this year. To attempt to do so at this time would be to have little regard for their customers and to effectively let them beta test a new technology while asking them to spend a fortune doing so. Only Android phone makers would do such a thing…

There is, however, a technology that Apple already makes that could make for a brilliant new solution and one that ticks the boxes of innovation rather than iteration.

We have had iterative changes over the past few years with maybe only the loss of bezels being a major hardware change. The likes of Animoji’s and the Measure app just don’t cut it, but how would you feel about a mini Apple Pencil working with your new iPhone?

If Apple could make decent apps to take full advantage of the technology, third party app makers will anyway, it could turn the iPhone into a very useful natural note-taker and bring with it a completely new use for your favourite smartphone.

I would go for that, would you?

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4 replies

  1. Absolutely I would go for that!

  2. While I grant that there are things an Apple Pencil would be useful for, I would LMAO at the irony considering what Jobs said when he introduced the iPhone. And yes, I know the Pencil is not simply a “dumb” stylus.

  3. Yeah, they would have to weather a lot of dumb replays of the stylus line (especially w/ Jony Ives departing) that ignore the implicit “if you HAVE to use a stylus” of Jobs original rant.

    I’d love to see it – over the years aspirational drawing pad style hardware has fueled MANY, many hardware purchases for me – but it feels rather un-Apple-ish? I don’t think either the Samsung Note “a small stylus that lives in the machine” (not enough room) or an Ipad “magnet clips to side” (not a strong enough hold for pocket use) really work.

    Prove me wrong Apple… PROVE ME WRONG. 😀

    • I can see a stylus/pencil for the iPad. Lots of uses there because a finger is either not precise enough or doesn’t feel right. Maybe there’s enough screen space on the larger iPhones to make it worth while. But the whole point, at least originally, was to have an interface that didn’t need the extra device. The way Jobs put it, a stylus was a crutch.

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