Saving the ocean. Really?

Watches have been linked to the ocean forever. From the marine chronometers invented by John Harrison in the 1700s to the first ever waterproof watch case, the Oyster, from Rolex in 1926.

And now with so many issues floating to the surface surrounding our seas many of the big watch houses are starting to take action and lend a helping hand to the charities and causes desperately trying to save our oceans from climate change and pollution. Whether they’re incorporating recycled materials into the watches or donating proceeds of sales to organisations who are leading the charge in conservation and protection of marine life and their habitats… More here.

There is quite a bit of hyperbole and watch journalism in the above article, and it kind of annoys me.

It’s good that brands are recognising the problems in our oceans, but they are also producing products out of metal, plastic and many other materials that add to the problem. A trendy box doesn’t quite cut it for me.

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