The Huawei Mate X: Galaxy Fold killer already?

This looks better than the Galaxy Fold, it really does, and we are only a few days into the whole foldable phone thing.

I suspect that Android will not lend itself to optimised apps suddenly working perfectly on the folded out screen, but I guess it’s possible. I see iOS doing this in a more seamless way at some point in the future. Also, €2,299 for 8GB of RAM and 512GB of storage! Phew.

My daughter said something obvious as soon as she saw the video. How would you put a case on it? A very good point for a phone that costs more than €2,000.

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  1. I look at those prices and think about the great laptop I could get.

  2. You could buy a decent second hand car for less than that!
    More seriously, in the galaxy fold I was saying that it would be better folding out. This makes much more sense. It could be part way, and half become a keyboard. So clamshell keyboard, tablet, and phone in one. Hmmm, maybe I could sell a kidney…

    NO!!! I want to buy a house first! 🙂

  3. Yeah. Phones costing as much as laptops wouldn’t be so weird if they had the durability of laptops…

    Maybe Android has matured, but I remember how crap so many Android tablet apps were at switching between landscape and portrait… I hope it’s better than that

    As for cases, I remember I used to like these little pouches the first PalmPilots came with that, maybe it could be something like that

  4. I had my hands on one of these at Mobile World Congress and asked the same question about the case. Huawei says it will have its case ready by the time the phone is on sale. Of course third party cases are cheaper, but if you’re worried about saving a few bob here and there you’re probably not in the market for the Mate X.

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