The Best All-in-One Turntables

It should be noted that when we say “all-in-one” turntables, we’re referring to turntables with built-in amplification. They need only to be paired with some speakers and speaker cables in order to listen to music. That said, there are “all-in-one” turntables that are decked out with a record player, preamp and Bluetooth receiver. Some even have speakers built right into them. But there are very few of these, many of which we probably wouldn’t recommend… More here.

Ever notice how the turntables on offer in the likes of HMV and other stores, in the UK at least, are cheap plastic offerings that suggest the entire notion of vinyl is a gimmick. Click the link above for some better options.

UPDATE: Richard from Audiologica got in touch to say the following- Misleading, you won’t just need “speakers and cables” , you will also need an amplifier. The phono preamplifier output is what feeds into the main amplifier which is then connected to the speakers. Alternatively, “active speakers” with built-in amplifiers can be used… Actually the ProJect model does have built in power amp too…not others though.

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