Its creators had forbidden the car from slamming on the brakes in an emergency maneuver, even if it detected “a squishy thing” — Uber’s term for a human or an animal, sources told Business Insider. And the NSTB report said that Uber had deliberately disabled self-driving braking.

The car’s creators had also disabled the Volvo’s own emergency braking factory settings, the report found and insiders confirmed to Business Insider… More at BI.

The tech may be at fault, but as ever this is a story about human failure. A quite shocking story.

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  1. Unfortunately, I’m not surprised.

    If someone breaks the law, they’re a criminal and are tried as such. If there are other people associated with law breaking, they are at least accessories to the crime. So if someone knowingly creates a potential situation that causes a fatality, isn’t that a crime? Seems to me, someone should be standing trial for this in a criminal court. And as for the rest of them, the “I was just following orders and I did raise my concerns” doesn’t cut it with me. If you know you’re doing something potentially criminal, even by just following orders, stop, get out, report it.

    Sorry to rant, but this will keep happening as long as individuals aren’t charged. As for the technology, does anyone read Michael Crichton’s books? His thing is how this wonderful technology is messed up by human fallacy, whether greed, expediency, or stupidity. I’m saddened, again, but as I said, I’m not surprised.

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