Apple SSD prices have gone up!

I was looking at yesterday and saw a SanDisk 1TB SSD for $160Cdn. Yes Canadian, so it would be cheaper in the States and cheaper still in the place of origin. So out of curiosity I took a peak at Apple’s SSD upgrade. On a MacBook Air, going from a 128GB SSD/Flash to a 1.5TB SSD is $1500Cdn. They don’t even offer a 1TB option. That’s price gouging pure and simple, especially because there’s no way to retrofit an SSD. I hate to think it, but a much more viable option is to get the minimal SSD internally and get a USB-C external SSD. That flies for a desktop, but not really for a laptop. I know Apple’s always been pricey, but there’s got to be a limit…

…I went all out back in 2014 and got a 1TB SSD on my iMac. As I recall, it was about $700 to get that instead of a regular hard drive. So apparently, Apple SSD prices have gone up! If I was buying today, and had to make the choice final because of not being able to upgrade, I’d probably go with a 512GB drive and use more external space. Even with USB-3, a good external HDD is fast enough for most things. On the other hand, having the extra space means being able to run virtual machines or BootCamp at SSD speeds. Bob

I agree with Bob. I have always eulogised Apple products for their quality and explained to many people that the initial price is almost always retrieved by extended periods of reliability in products that work as they should for many years. However, there are areas where Apple prices things way above the competition and it can seem like taking advantage of the loyalty the company has grown to date.

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  1. Just saw a Cyber Monday ad for a 2TB SSD for $209US and I’ll bet they still make a profit.

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