The office of the future?

An extension of the same thinking that gave the Pacific chair a more welcoming look and feel, Soft Work puts the same premium on a casual aesthetic to suggest a lifestyle in which work and relaxation aren’t at polar odds, but present in nearly every public space we frequent: cafes, airport lounges, hotel lobbies, and corporate and co-working spaces of all kinds. The name of the new collection, too, doesn’t just imply softer seating, but an aesthetic softness that Barber Osgerby and Vitra are betting will overtake the next wave of office design–and maybe a subliminal cue to all of those tech and (ahem) software companies with large campuses that are likely to adopt it… More here.

It would be easy to look at a design like this and suspect it to be impractical, but it could work. I use a MacBook on my lap at home and have done so for hundreds of hours of freelance writing, and I find it perfectly comfortable.

At work, I sit at a desk in rows and find the entire setting restrictive, uncomfortable and far from ideal for doing good work.

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  1. Reminds me a bit of doing working in an airport while on a business trip 😀

    Just like ipads were build as “lean back not lean forward”, certain kinds of tasks might always feel better A upright B possibly with a big ol’ monitor there.

    (though with Apple pushing the Pro-ness of iPad pros… I dunno. Hard to think that’ll ever overtake a laptop for me, but maybe I’m just on my way to fogey-dom)

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