Inside Wayback Machine

Today, the Wayback Machine houses some 388B web pages, and its parent, the Internet Archive, is the world’s largest library.

The Internet Archive’s collection, which spans not just the web, but books, audio 78rpm records, videos, images, and software, amounts to more than 40 petabytes, or 40 million gigabytes, of data. The Wayback Machine makes up about 63% of that.

How much is this? Imagine 80 million 4-drawer filing cabinets full of paper. Or, slightly less than the entire written works of mankind (in all languages) from the beginning of recorded history to the present day… More at The Hustle.

A huge resource. Huge.

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  1. An underappreciated treasure.
    I have enough time keeping my own homebrewed websites sorted 😀

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