Nobody notices your watch, nobody cares

I didn’t own the watch (it was a rental from the good folks at Eleven James, who let me try their service), but that didn’t change things. I was conscious of it nearly all of the time. Walking down the street, riding the subway, shopping in stores, I was aware of the (surprisingly light) lug of metal and clockwork on my wrist. The guilt was immediate and unavoidable.

This stemmed from my foolish fear that people would notice it, and therefore treat me differently. This fear ended up being completely unfounded, as only one friend noticed it before I told them about it… More at B.I.

Good article if a little short.

A couple of weeks ago I wore a Rolex Sea Dweller for three days and not one person said anything. After that I wore a £10 watch from Amazon (brighter colours, Chinese no name brand and a bit bigger) and three people mentioned what a nice watch it was.

Buy a watch for yourself, wear it because you enjoy looking at it. Trust me, nobody else gives a damn what is on your wrist.

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