Apple’s new iPhones didn’t wow consumers

The reaction to the unveiling of a new generation of iPhones this week was “lackluster” compared with prior new smartphone announcements, which could bode poorly for Apple’s stock, according to a data firm that tracks social media sentiment and market behavior.

The tracking of thousands of social media posts pointed to a marked decline in the number of people interested in buying the new technology, according to LikeFolio founder Andy Swan… More at CNBC.

This is hardly a surprise because the updates are mainly internal with almost no singular hardware change that feels completely new.

The Xs Max is of course new and comes with a huge screen, but with prices from £1,049 to £1,449 this may not sell in huge numbers. The Xr looks like the best bet at £749 and up and of course the iPhone 7 is now priced very competitively.

For me, this will be the first year that I do not upgrade because there is no change required for freelance work and the X is serving me perfectly well. This could be the case for many as well, but it is also likely that others will be coming to end of their contracts and we have to remember that the bulk of consumers do not think like people who are interested in tech. They buy when they need/want to buy and we should remember that the iPhone consumer is by his or her nature quite loyal.

The sales numbers may not break records, but the margins are high and I am sure Apple will get through it somehow…

We should also remember that the Xs and Xr models are extremely good phones. Indeed, they really are the best yet even if they may not appeal to the tech set.

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2 replies

  1. Far too expensive for me. Upgrading from a 6S Plus, I’m going to get a new battery and wait it out. I’m not spending over £70 a month on a phone contract.

  2. Nothing in the new phones is a gotta have. I have a 6S which works well except for battery life. I’m going to find out how much last year’s X would cost and whether it would affect my current plan. I know I could get an 8 for $0 and no plan change.

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