Use Instapaper in Europe today

The ongoing debacle that is Instapaper’s handling of the new GDPR rules doesn’t look likely to be resolved soon.

It has been made worse by the complete lack of information from the developers and the late notice in pulling the service which could be for one of many reasons-

They were somehow caught unawares

They don’t know what they are doing

Or they are doing things with personal data that makes it harder for them to comply with the new rules? That is purely supposition of course, but there are concerns out there as to what the reasons could be.

Anyway, many users have tried Pocket and other services while the outage continues for us Europeans, but for me personally far too many articles do not render correctly and many either end us using the default web view or they are cut half-way through. So that leaves Instapaper as the best solution for long-form reading in my opinion.


The simple solution is to download TunnelBear for free, create an account and turn it on after you have chosen Canada or the US as your location. Now save an article to Instapaper and when you go back to the app you can automatically add it to your reading list and it will be downloaded for whenever you have some time to do some reading.

Instapaper is ideal for an app like TunnelBear because it only uses the data for each article once and the free allowance should be enough for most people. Instapaper still works as an app, even in Europe, but you cannot add new articles to your list. With a solution like TunnelBear that problem is resolved, for the time being at least.


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