Felt it right to update my thoughts on the Fitbit Versa and the company in general. The Versa has gone now because of multiple problems and more specifically because of the way Fitbit deals with its loyal customers.

For starters, the Versa continually over-counts floors, particularly when driving, to the point that the feature is useless. I can drive to work and gain five floors which is of course not possible and since moving back to the Charge 2, my floor count is back to normal (or reality as I like to call it).

Also, steps are overestimated on the Versa and at times by up to 10% which is poor for any tracker and so I contacted Fitbit for support. What an absolute shower of sh*t their support is. It ticks the boxes in terms of response times and friendliness, but the actual answers that come back verge on being flexible with the truth if you ask me.

I was advised to reset the Versa, remove the app, disconnect it etc etc and it reached the point where only a replacement Versa would fix the problem, apparently. So, would a replacement fix the same problem on my wife’s Versa? Or the Versas that two of my friends own, that suffer the exact same problems? Or the Versas of the countless people with the same problem on the Fitbit Community forums? Or even those who have had their Versas replaced and whose new devices exhibit exactly the same problems? No, of course not so I can only presume that the company is treading the ‘generic support list of answers’ until a real solution is found.

It’s not been a good experience, despite the Versa itself being a decent smart watch, and a need to install iOS 12 killed it off completely because it is not compatible at this time.

iOS 12

The first beta is very stable and has offered few problems so far, but if you are considering it please remember the following-

GPS is problematic at this time with up to two minutes needed to get a fix

The Fitbit Ionic and Versa do not support clock face changes or the installing of apps in iOS 12

Battery is downgraded for the time being

Beta 2 stops TomTom from opening and a variety of other apps have failed for me since installing beta 2. I would avoid if I was you for the time being on your main device.

Apple Watch

For a freelance article I needed to test the Apple Watch series 3 and was genuinely curious because of the problems with the Versa.

As it happens it lasted for less than one day once the article was done for a variety of reasons, almost all of them my personal taste and not faults with the device itself.

The design feels clunky and far too deep compared to even the Fitbit Ionic. Compared to a proper watch it is a bizarre thing to contemplate. I have owned Apple Watches in the past and not noticed this, but for some reason it feels as if smart watches have moved on and that the Apple Watch has not. It needs to be thinner, lighter and designed to sit on a wrist comfortably and not feel like a small computer.

The fitness tracking hardware is great, but the software is poorly designed and does not go far enough, as a I have said many times, so I look forward to a more human Apple Watch form and fitness software that is understandable, obvious and which will help me get fitter than ever before.

That’s it

That probably is it. You may have noticed the lack of updates on LIM recently. This will continue and I will pop back now and again, but don’t expect many posts over the next few months – got a lot of things to sort out and my offline life is a bit more important.

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