Smug Android users

I often hear people criticise iPhone users with a huge degree of ignorance. The presumption that we are all sheep and do not know what we are buying seems commonplace. Steve, however, sent me the video below which takes an opposing view (strong language included!)

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  1. They can have kind if a chip on their shoulder, I guess. But us Apple folks have to repress that “what, are you poor?” kind of thinking 😀

    The real bubble around me is Apple laptops. I almost literally find it hard to believe that Apple has like under 10% of the market (I mean maybe that should be goosed since their products do have better than cheap PCs durability) when I look at whats around coffeeshops in Boston – admittedly a bit of tech bubble, but still it feels like windows machines are more of the exception than the norm.

    Games are the exception, of course. I wonder if Apple gamers are like me and just switched to consoles…

    So I wonder if we’ll see some of that same snobbery for Windows users (or enough Linux users to matter…) Microsoft was doing some courting of the “creatives” type that has so long been a fortress for Apple…

  2. Very funny guy. Romesh, not Kirk. Although Kirk can be funny too. Found the whole set on YouTube. Great stuff.

    Kirk, I’m a Apple Gamer, although I prefer the term Mac Gamer. I have a late 2014 27″ Retina iMac all tricked out. It was my retirement gift to myself. More and more of the great games are coming out for the Mac. Maybe 6 to 12 months later, but some at the same time as the PC version. Yes, most of the games are PC only. Actually there are lots of games that are PS4 or Xbox only. As for PC only games, I use Bootcamp. While I’d prefer not to have to reboot, if it’s a good game it’s worth it. I recently finished Witcher 3. Now I’m playing Witcher 2, which (ha ha) has a Mac version.

    A Mac gaming site I frequent has been doing performance tests and uses Unigine’s Heaven as a benchark. I ran it on my iMac and under Bootcamp. The Bootcamp results were about 10% better. That’s the difference between using DirectX versus OpenGL. Hopefully Heaven will be updated to use Metal.

    • I know I jumped off the PC-hardware-for-games treadmill at University in 1995 when my new-for-gaming-486 couldn’t keep up with the shiny Pentiums the punk freshman were bringing in – and then the Nintendo 64 brought 4 player couch gaming – but now that it feels like computer hardware as leveled off for some time…

      Ehh, still like the feel of a couch over a desk 😀

      • I’m sure it’s what I’m used to. I’ve tried PS2, PS3, and PS4 games and the problem is the controller. I can’t seem to gets used to it. As well, there is an intimacy of sitting a computer monitor and having something jump out at you.

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