Casio goes ‘Full Metal’

Steel, or any metal for that matter, is the least G-Shocky material I can think of and that is one of the two reasons that makes these two watches get on my “want” list. The first G-Shock, technically, was what you see right above: a plastic ball with a display in it. It was this ball that, many drops from Casio HQ’s 3rd floor bathroom window and some 200 prototypes later, had finally taken the shape of the first G-Shock introduced to the masses – the DW-5000C. Since then, though there have been some rather intense metal G-Shocks (like the MTG-S1000 for $1,000… More at A Blog To Watch.

These designs just seem to work and show that metal works much better on a G-Shock than rubber/plastic. Of course, G-Shocks are made of metal, but the majority do look somewhat cheap to many purchasers and these new models fly in the face of that.

The only criticism I have is the ‘brick wall’ effect around the screen, but I would need to see it close up to understand if it really is a bad thing.

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