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  1. Nice shot!

    I think we may have brought up the image at https://www.geckoandfly.com/13143/50-things-smartphone-replaced-will-replace-future/ – how amazing it is that a pocket device does all that 80s stuff.

    I would say those Canon tiny point and shoots (“Elph” in some regions) was doing a respectable amount of that when I started toting one in 2001 – and once 2004 came around and I could add an iPod to the mix… well, fliphone plus pocket camera plus Palm PDA plus iPod probably was a bit much. Nicer to have as one thing.

    It’s interesting to see where technology has apparently totally stagnated. A few years ago I bought a USB powered flatbed scanner that I’m convinced is almost exactly the same as the one I was using in 2001. And same thing for these pocket cameras – they don’t even try to gussy stuff up with noticeably different designs…

  2. Beautiful shot. Beautiful dog.

    Regarding the stuff the smartphone replaced, I was reading the list and got to calculator. I still have a scientific calculator on my desk. It’s just easier to grab and go than to grab the phone, activate it, bring up the calculator, and go. But then I grew up with calculators. No that’s not true. I didn’t get my first calculator until after university. When I was in 4th year in 1969, a store advertised a $99Cdn basic calculator with 2 fixed decimal places. And I’m sure I’ve told that story before.

    • I remember my dad’s LCD calculator circa… I dunno, 1982.
      It was treated a bit like a relic… but doing my research, I realize it probably only cost like $100 in today’s dollars. Not the bank-breaker I presumed (tho things were pretty tight for my parents), just something they didn’t want carelessly used as a 6 yr old’s toy 😀

      despite iPhones trying to put in some quick-start short cuts, those Canons probably had the edge in “whip out and shoot NOW” That’s probably somewhat true for a lot of those single-use items, but again, tough to compete with all-in-one phones that are truly competent (and often very good) at various items.

      • It’s like some people wear a watch to tell time rather than having to pull out the phone. On the other hand I had a friend who would never wear a watch and did pull out his phone to check the time. He just didn’t want something on his wrist.

        • Sounds like me 😀 Somehow wrist bands feel a bit like subjugation to me – subjugation to having to be punctual, even though I do greatly value being punctual.

          Though I was playing in a band and appreciated that the bandleader could tell the time much more discretely with his watch than I could with my phone

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