Is Apple is taking over the watch industry?

Total Apple Watch sales for 2017 topped 18 million—up by more than 50% compared to the year before.

Though Apple has been making watches since 2015, the sales figures for the product have been bundled with other wearables, causing some early on to deem the product a flop.

But these new estimates show that the tech company is competing with watchmakers that have been honing the craft for generations… More at Fortune.

My natural presumption is that this is not the case. That the traditional watch industry is one where people only buy watches every few years at most and so the figures are not directly comparable.

And then I leave the house and see the Apple Watch on people’s wrists absolutely everywhere. It is without doubt very popular and the next couple of years could be very interesting in terms of what will be on our wrists in the decades to come.


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  1. I know I’m an oddball for thinking watches are sort of intrusive – even a simple timepiece feels (to me) like its asserting the concept of time being worth being anxious about.

    So Apple Watch feels parallel to any of these “smart speakers”, and while I’m no technophobe, I don’t get why people so love this technology being more aggressively… PRESENT. Just always there. A phone (or back in the day, PDA) that slips in a pocket (or even sits around on a desk charger) seems more humbly in its place – there only at my beck and call, and not vice versa.

  2. People have had a thing for time in whatever form almost forever. It’s a key to survival. I think it’s natural. But as with most things there’s a bell curve. There are some that are compulsive about time and some who care very little.

    I’d be curious how many people wearing smart watches today wore a watch of any kind before. And how many are wearing what they consider to be a fitness tracker rather than a watch to tell the time.

    I was not a “watch person” as Shaun is and wore something cheap and light that did the job. I got my Apple Watch as a gift and likely wouldn’t have bought it on my own at those prices. But then paying $1000Cdn for a phone seems a little much as well.

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