Avoiding the rabbit hole of a rotation

Despite having bought numerous watches over the past few years, and almost always selling them on, I have somehow managed to avoid going down the rabbit hole of a rotation.

I like to wear one watch for longer periods if I can and to properly enjoy it and get used to the good and bad parts. For me, wearing a different watch every day somehow lessens the appeal of them and almost dilutes the reason for wearing one in the first place.

You have to feel an emotional connection to a watch and you don’t get that with sporadic wear.

The problem for people like me, who really do like watches and all of the technicalities and emotions that come with them, is that there is always something new to try or a new model that catches the eye. I have looked at vintage watches and love the idea of wearing a classic piece for years on end, but that would end my hobby in an instance if I really did fall in love with it.

And so I am stuck between wanting one watch that I can wear for the rest of my life and which will only become more important to me as time goes by and the idea of constantly trying new things in the hope that one will stick.

I realise that no watch will likely stick with me because there is no such thing as a perfect timepiece and so the quest is fruitless, and merely an expense that is at times not justified. I also realise that I am likely to continually try new watches and sell the previous one on purely because I do not like having a collection of watches that do nothing. That just doesn’t feel right to me for some reason.

At the moment the Seiko SRP775 is back in favour and I am enjoying the many aspects that make it such a firm favourite in the watch community, but who knows what next week with bring.

So, do you rotate? Do you buy and sell and stick with one watch for periods of time or do you have a massive collection that you get much joy out of even if some of the timepieces only get occasional wear? I am curious as to your motivations and practical reasons for the way you use your watches?

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