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This is a subject I keep coming back to, but I have reached a point where I can finally say that new technology is not doing it for me these days.

It could be an age thing, a growing up thing or just an apathy towards modern tech and a move towards more traditional material items.


When I say that it is ‘not doing it’ for me I do not mean that I don’t appreciate what is being developed, but that I look at it as a means to an end rather than something exciting. For example, the BeatsX headphones that I have been using for months get lots of daily use and I really do appreciate the battery life, reliability and sound quality. However, they do not excite me in any way and are mere tools that do a job for me.

The AirPods are arguably more exciting and I can see why people do get excited by them, but I personally don’t like the sound quality they produce and much prefer the Beats.

My MacBook gets use when I write and at no other time. Again, I appreciate it for what it is and what it lets me do, but excitement is not a word that would describe how I feel about it. And the same applies to the iPhone X. I use it throughout the day and love what it does, but the actual device is invisible to me and defers to what I do over and over again with it. This is likely what Apple is aiming for and over time this does breed loyalty that is subconscious, but I really do not see myself upgrading from it in the next 2-3 years unless there is a professional need for freelance work.

I think I have done my time being a ‘fan’ of technology and am constantly amazed at those on Twitter and who run websites for year after year while retaining the passion they have for the genre.

For me, I get more enjoyment in making my MacBook last for much longer than buying the latest and greatest model. I like the idea of beating the system and running the same iPhone for 3-4 years and saving a fortune in the process. I enjoy appreciating the workmanship in vintage and new watches and sometimes just reading long articles or a book in silence.

Lots of things are happening at the moment outside of writing and the website (moving house, looking for a new job, kids blah blah) and I am kind of enjoying not having tech as another thing to think about on a daily basis. When I consider my family and everything else going on, tech feels like the least important use of my time.

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  1. When was the last time you got excited about a car? Or something new in your car? Are you excited by the new features in your refrigerator? I think that over time, we get used to a particular type of tech. And unless there’s something really new or different, it’s more of the same.

    Things become accepted. We aren’t amazed or excited any more, unless we really stop and think about it. And then it’s based on what you’ve seen. I would think that being able to pick up a device and instantly talk to someone anywhere in the world would be magic to someone who lived a few hundred years ago.

    But simply more power to the same thing isn’t exciting. Neither are incremental new features. especially when it’s to something that we’re familiar with. What will the next big thing be that we become enthusiastic about? I wish I knew.

  2. Yeah, from cars to laptops to phones (or PDAs for that matter) it feels like it’s been a while since “wow, here’s something new I can do!” (Shazam song ID comes to mind).

    I still respond well when I feel an object is performing a life-improving task efficiently – that can be cost/age like my 5 year old Macbook Air (looking at list I once assembled of computers I had owned, I realize that this one probably has the medal for longevity for a “main machine”) or my 14 year old car, or sometimes a still get a little frisson of excitement about a well ordered todo list / notepad / calendar in a tiny handheld device – even though that was happening for me back in ’97.

    Or how a Nintendo Switch plays such deep games despite being a handheld – (and the low-power-consuming Wii was another example of that kind of efficiency)

    I suppose some people might be getting that “hey this cool and new and makes my life better” with some of the Amazon Alexa home products…. I’m still in the “I don’t get it” phase – I know my phone is just a big old snitch but the permanent listening installation somehow seems even more Orwellian….

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