TAG Heuer Formula 1 Mens Watch review

The actual model number for this watch is WAZ2113.BA0875 which is useful to know because TAG does not differentiate its models much when it comes to describing them.

It is a stainless steel watch with a 41mm face and it uses the Calibre 5 Automatic movement which is otherwise known as the ETA 2824-2. It has been decorated by TAG, but can also be found in the Hamilton Khaki Field for around £350. Then again, the likes of Breitling use the same movement so it is possibly a good example of where the majority of the cost of a watch comes from- nowhere in particular.

The fact that this movement can be bought on its own for less than $90 should not concern you because that is quite common in the watch world, but it does make me think of Seiko in terms of value and that was the first thing I thought of when I saw the TAG.

I had it for a couple of days to re-size the strap for a friend and instead of writing a full review I will lay down some bullet points to sum it up-

The strap is rattly and feels almost hollow in terms of weight and the design.

The finishing is good, but no better than a £200 Seiko in my opinion

The movement is held in place by a white piece of plastic- yes it really is.

It has virtually no presence and from a distance looks like a Sekonda. Or a Sekonda looks like a TAG, but either way there is a lack of originality in terms of the design.

The hands don’t seem to fit the design and the flatness of the ends does make it hard to set it to the exact time.

The accuracy is not great to be honest. A mechanical watch needs time to settle down, but +20 seconds per day is not great.

And now the main point about this watch- it costs £1,300!

In a world where most people who buy new TAGs are doing so for the name this maybe makes sense. I mean, people spend £200 on a Michael Kors watch which is effectively a £5 quartz movement in a £15 case.

Sorry to say, but in my experience people who understand watches don’t buy TAGs and I have always avoided them for this reason. Finally getting some time with one reinforced that opinion as fact.

This is an appalling watch for £1,300 and I would argue that £300 spent on a Seiko automatic would give you the same quality of product. Spending £1,000 on an Oris or £600 on a Hamilton would make so much more sense I would be unable to measure it.

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