Apple slowing down older iPhones is actually a good thing

I find the whole Apple deliberately slowing down your iPhone over time to be basically a scam. They knew when they designed the phone that the CPU+battery specs wouldn’t work over time, so they basically did what VW did with their cars.

The above tweet by Thomas Baekdal is consistent with the majority of views on this subject, but I know 2 people at work who own the iPhone X and they both upgraded from the iPhone 5s. They didn’t upgrade because their iPhone were no longer usable, but because they liked the look of the X and could have gone another year with their phones.

Compare that to Android phones. I know countless people who have had to upgrade because their phones were simply not working as they should anymore, and in comparatively shorter timeframes.

Yes, Apple should have made this known earlier and there is a long running argument about non-removal batteries, but I can only see Apple slowing down older iPhones to help their customers.

Consider the alternative being iPhones that have dreadful battery lives to the point that they are unusable and ‘have’ to be upgraded. Could someone tell me what the upside here is for Apple in terms of selling more devices? I just don’t see this as a negative move in terms of the customer.

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  1. I’d say a good statement from Apple would be good.
    Something that clarifies the science and chemistry and logic of why they did that.

  2. There are now 9 lawsuits against Apple for this. Mind you, it seems that there’s a suit for almost anything in the U.S. at the drop of a hat. Apple could have avoided all of this by providing an option and documenting it. They didn’t even have to publicize it as a feature. Just seems sloppy to me to provide a feature that make things easier on the user in some cases and then make it mandatory.


  1. Apple sort of fixes the battery issue – Lost In Mobile

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