Apple support just gave up

Anyway, Apple will be calling me back Thursday after the 3rd level support team has looked at the problem and I have the email and phone number of the rep who is now owning the case.

Now consider this. Apple Notes is just one (free) app installed on my iPhone, iPad and Mac, but I could just own an iPod touch and the service would be the same. The amount of time and effort put in why the reps here is impressive and when I compare this level of service to what I could expect if say, for example, my Samsung phone simply stopped work I remain even more positive about the backup available.

I wrote this article back in October and applauded Apple for their continued support with an Apple Notes problem.

Guess what, they gave up.

Despite continued chasers from my side, I have had to response at all. They have given up.

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  1. I’ve owned several iPhones since 2012 and a MacBook Pro since 2015 and I am still waiting for that legendary Apple service to kick in. I have rarely had issues resolved by any tier level of support at Apple. Many people may disagree with me but when I owned a Dell laptop for 5 years I was never disappointed by their support and they managed to resolve every issue I ever ran into. I’m still waiting for Apple to even come close to Dell’s level of service.

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