The next eleMMent

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This latest manufactured vehicle has a 500-hp diesel engine with the latest emission technology, is painted in luminous white and went to a private buyer from Turkey.
But the eleMMent viva features more than just technology and exterior design. What may be the most spectacular part is the interior, adorned with real gold.
That is where the VIPs relax – on 22 ultra-comfortable leather seats, the likes of which are otherwise only found in first-class business jet accommodations.
Outstanding features of these seats include seat heating, complete adjustability and spacious storage options. The viva’s one-of-a-kind novel coach seats, including their monitors for each individual passenger are another example of Marchi Mobile’s design capabilities… More here.

The specs on this thing are insane.

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  1. My first reaction was wow, that’s one strange looking vehicle. Then I thought about how some things are so familiar that any change is disturbing or jarring. Think about car and truck windshields. They’re all almost the same. Very similar. This one is quite different with it’s oval appearance.

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