Steer helps curb micro-sleep. Just strap it on to verify resting heart rate, then wear it while driving to determine potentially harmful changes. If your pulse decreases by ten units, for instance, the arm band sends out a strong vibration and shines a yellow light. Drop another three units, and you’ll receive a “gentle” electric shock. The stimulation, according to Creative Mode, boosts neurotransmitters and decreases the “sleeping hormone” melatonin. The creators of Steer claim that “These changes will make you feel fresher and less drowsy and will return your heart rate to normal” More at 9TO5Toys.

Just how many different wearables is a human expected to be wearing at the same time? Understand if you are driving for a living that it could save your life, but a one-trick pony like this surely cannot get close to the mass market.

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  1. There must, or should, be an Apple Watch app for that.

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