The battery


The humble battery is everything now and it is about to become more than everything. OK, that does not make sense, but it is true because it is about to change the world in more ways that we care to think about.

Think about this over the next decade and in some cases up to 15 years, but we will look back upon today and wonder how we managed, we really will.

Last week the UK government, shower that it is, announced a plan to effectively make buying a diesel car very difficult in 2040, and the same is true to an extent for petrol cars. It sounds like a far-fetched piece of political prose designed to attact attention and to now actually be implemented, but it makes so much sense and is likely going to soon be considered behind the curve.

The motor industry is flying towards electric cars at a rate that is growing exponentially. Once one company (Tesla) shows what can be done, to carry on as we are now would be to commit financial suicide. Think about it- we are driving around in vehicles that require thousands and thousands of parts to work and mini explosions are happening under the bonnet (hood to some of you) to make it them move forward. It’s 2017 and we are using fossil fuels to get around in a time when we can spea to anyone in the world in an instant and where we have a vast history of information on hand at any time. We have to go underground to get black stuff to put in tanks attached to small bombs in front of us just to drive to work.

An electric car could in theory just be a small motor, 2 axles, wheels and batteries. It could in fact be very different in 2030 than it is now. The progress will be made in battery technology more than anywhere else and this will affect the rest of our lives. Cars could easily have ranges in the 1000’s of miles, a battery could power our homes, our phones may never need to be charged and the idea of fossil fuels could be a thing of the past, at least what is visible to us.

As it stands we still need traditional fuels to give us the power we need for electric cars etc, but at some point that may also dissapear and the world is changed forever. The humble battery has been deliberately held back, as has motoring innovation by those who benefit from such things, but just maybe the tide is too strong this time to stop natural innovation. We can only hope.


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  1. It’s quite possible that electric cars will get their juice by induction from under road wires and use a battery as power for side roads. The induction would not only provide power but also keep the battery charged.

    However, keep in mind that the electricity still has to be generated. There are lots of “green” methods but some countries may take the easy way out and use what they’re using now which is decidedly not green.

  2. If, in 20 years, a car looks like what it does now but with an electric motor, I’ll be disappointed. I’d be amazed if cars still had steering wheels, or the concept of a driver.

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