It’s the “second device” factor that stops iPod from making sense


Gruber makes a point here — “The hardware form factor isn’t what did these in — it’s the antiquated notion of having to sync audio files to them via a cable connected to a Mac or PC. If the content on your audio player isn’t coming to it over the air, mostly likely streaming, it isn’t relevant.”

Heh, as a guy who strongly prefers buying individual music files to paying rent for streaming for music – and who also strongly prefers syncing via a cable (Apple will charge me to synch more than 5Gb over the air, right? Feh, I pay enough rents for various services) I guess I won’t see it – for me it’s just the “second device” factor that stops iPod from making sense.

That said, Gruber’s comment covers both music and podcasts. Podcasts sometimes remind me on that 80s-home-computer DIY vibe, where unknowns can find an audience and make some money. (Though I guess it’s Youtube folk who actually make UK-80s-home-market dosh).


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