The iPhone killed my inner nerd


All of that tinkering and hacking things ended for me shortly after the iPhone arrived, and the closest I’ve come to it recently is playing around with a Raspberry Pi and Kodi. The original iPhone was locked to O2 in the UK and AT&T in the US, but a hack quickly allowed you to run the phone on any carrier network. I continued to use Windows Mobile devices for a couple of years, but I played with the iPhone on the side as it was always tempting. The interface was smooth, simple, and I didn’t have to spend hours loading on ROMs to get a good experience. Once the iPhone 3G arrived, I switched fully over because of the App Store… More at The Verge.

From the moment I realised I would be using an iPhone full time, I stopped caring about new phones, features and fancy new software. Maybe that is the iPhones biggest achievement in my little world.

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