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Many millennials have a nostalgic association with analog watches. They’re looking for timepieces that look more sophisticated than the plastic Swatch or Casio Baby G watches they wore when they were children, but don’t want to shell out thousands for a high-end luxury watch. “I think it’s just pleasant to feel that something simple–that you’ve had in your life for decades–still makes you happy,” he says… More at Fast Company.

I do believe that smart watches are likely to have a significantly negative impact on traditional watch sales over the next few years, but one thing I have noticed recently is how many young people are wearing very traditional watches. Not G-Shocks, not modern digitals, but classic timepieces from the likes of Rolex, Seiko and many others.

While in a coffee shop over the weekend I spotted a boy and a girl (18 year’s old roughly?) and both were wearing oversized watches. As we chatted, the girl explained that the man’s Rolex she was wearing was her Fathers and the boy spoke very enthusiastically about his automatic Seiko. The face that both watches were technically too big for them did not matter.

In a way, the large sizes made the watches stand out more and I was surprised at how they saw them as fashion statements, but more so because they understood so much about them. The enthusiasm was a breath of fresh air so maybe the traditional watch will have a few years yet, or it is like the temporary re-birth of vinyl all over again.

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