Timex will use a Micro-Electro-Mechanical System


What does this mean? Timex says the watch world is limited by the size and shape of traditional magnetic motors used today; but MEMS devices are really small, with components only able to be seen using a microscope. The two companies will use the technology in a new way, which they call PowerMEMS, to replace the old motor with nano-scale gears and a direct drive that’s smaller, more efficient, more accurate, and easier to make than the Lavet. Additionally, because MEMS drives are built using silicone and not metal, they don’t require ongoing maintenance like metal does, making the movement more reliable and with no need for future servicing… More at Digital Trends.

I am starting to wonder if traditional watches are like car engines of today, especially mechanical timepieces.

I can see a time when a car will be formed of batteries, wheels and a few other components that are either very easy to fix or are incredibly reliable. The same could be said of smart watches today when compared to mechanical watches.

Car engines and mechanical watch movements create emotional responses and are something that people, often men, become obsessed with, but for the majority the idea of great performance and very little maintenance will likely appeal to a much higher degree.

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