It was good while it lasted

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It doesn’t seem so long since we were pretty much mentioning expansys on a weekly basis. It was the place to go if you wanted a smartphone or tablet without having a network tweaked model.

Now times have changed and profit margins just aren’t what they once were. Actually I’ve just taken a look and the last time we mentioned them was in 2015.

The company has now stopped selling handsets direct to customers and has instead switched to a business to business operation… More at coolsmartphone.


Hi folks, I know some people will not be happy to hear this news, but I have decided to stop making TechTalkUK podcast.

This is not a sudden decision, as I have been self critical of the show for some time now, just ask Richard and Nick, I usually end each show by saying “that wasn’t very good was it” or similar, and bless them both they always say it was OK… More here.

At times it does feel like anyone involved in mobile tech who is not a huge organisation is just clinging on.

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  1. Sorry, what’s a “network tweaked model”?

  2. When the networks used to add their branding and silly apps to the software

  3. More of an Android thing? Like that’s some of what Apple negotiated hard for when they dealt with (then) Cingular to release the first gen Jesus Phone…

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