The Samsung Galaxy Folder 2


Available in South Korea, Samsung positions the device as providing the intuitiveness of flip phones, but with smartphone features.

The former is achieved by a large keypad, with separate shortcut buttons for contacts, texting, social, and camera next to the D-pad. Just above are the familiar Android navigation bar buttons, but in physical form. Other design flourishes include a smooth front and rear, as well as a soft touch material that provides “excellent grip.” More at 9to5Google.

Gorgeous design.

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  1. Reminiscent of the Sony Clié PEG-N* series.

    • Interesting – did that run PalmOS?
      I remember trying a Samsung Flip Phone with built in Palmpilot… great idea and form factor, but the software integration was HORRIBLE – never had stability problems with a Palm before, and the only carrier who offered it (Sprint, circa 2004) had an SMS system was that was kldugy to the point of unusability.

      Still the Palm graffiti area offered a nice solution to what I assume is wonky with this, which is… damn, are you still doing T9 or one of those weird systems for text?

      • kirkjerk, I was baiting Shaun. In a former life, this site used to be a Clié fan site. And yes, Clié was Sony’s brand of Palm PDA’s. They never did a Palm phone that I am aware of.

        The PEG-N* were a folding Palm with a full sized screen and a physical chiclet keyboard on the other side of the hinge. The screen could pivot to use the keyboard or to hide the keyboard and function like a regular handheld. Most had a VGA camera. Had a headphone jack and a Sony Memory Stick slot.

        Quite the package when you think of it.

        Check out:

    • Great devices those were- pretty sure Sony could have done big things if they stuck around.

      • I had a Clie SJ-22 (later I had a Palm Z-22… what is it about 22) – great unit. Had double resolution (the equivalent of moving to retina, but actually a difference I could see, unlike Retina) and the design was… like almost a bit feminine? In a pleasant way.

  2. Nice looking… but couldn’t they have done something more with the hardware? Stick an e-ink screen on it somewhere maybe?

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