Being a fanboy creeps up on you

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When someone jokingly called me an Apple fanboy earlier this week I thought again about the number of Apple products in our house. For a moment, I then thought they may be right-

My son: iPhone 6s

My daughter: iPad mini 2, iPhone 5s

My wife: iPad Air, iPhone 6s, Apple Watch series 1

Me: iPhone 7, iPad Pro 9.7”, iMac, MacBook, Apple Watch series 2, BeatsX headphones

Joint: Apple TV

13 products by one company in a house is a lot and lets face it, none of these products are cheap.

I don’t personally feel that I am a fanboy because I don’t get particularly excited when I buy Apple kit these days and I never buy products unless there is a use for them.

Loyalty is strong I admit, but that comes from experience. The longevity of the products, the built quality, the reliability and the customer service are all important parts of any products and I struggle to see the likes of Samsung, HP and the rest coming close in every area, if any.

I buy what feels like good value to me and I like to use products for long periods if I can. If that makes me a fanboy then so be it. I won’t listen anyway.

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  1. An enthusiast I guess, but not a fanboy. I am an Android user, and I can safely visit and comment here without getting flammed. Hence, you’re not a fanboy. 🙂

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