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Ten years ago, no one could have imagined that Steve Jobs’ creation would have such an impact on Apple. Today, the iPhone represents more than 60% of Apple’s revenue, which leads many to see Apple as, first and exclusively, the iPhone company. But is it really? Did the iPhone really change Apple so dramatically? More at Medium.

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  1. “I recall how pundits chastised Apple for its proprietary iPhone operating system, iOS. “Jobs is making the same mistake that doomed the Macintosh!””

    though if rumors were true, and Jobs wasn’t persuadable about the concept of other people’s apps on the phone (remember, they were pushing “web apps” for a while, at least as a placeholder until they could stand up the app store infrastructure but maybe even more than that) the critics might have been more right.

    (Ok, maybe iOS vs Android like Mac vs Windows is more parallel, but still.)

  2. They are different approaches to operating systems. iOS and MacOS are great if you like what they are. If not, there are lots of other choices. The fact that Apple is so profitable means they’re doing something right. They could lower prices to encourage more sales, but why. To the shareholders, profit is what business is all about.

    I do find it interesting that the Mac gave Apple the funds to create the iPod which gave Apple funds to create the iPhone which gave Apple the funds to seemingly rejuvenate the Mac.

    • I like the summary of Apple’s philosophy “they try to prevent you from doing tacky things with their product”, to enforce a certain kind of design-ness. This can be frustrating for power users sometimes.

      Their pricing model – it’s not just shareholder greed, it also is trying to prevent a “race to the bottom”, pricing-wise. I mean THAT’S good for their shareholders as well, but also there’s something holding a cultural line saying “solid technology is worth paying for”, and that some of the physical design nuance matters. That doesn’t prevent competitors from making cheap and tawdry crap and scratching it out down there– but it’s not clear there’s profit to be made in that dog-cheaper-than-dog world – assuming is still roughly the shape of the world, Apple make most of the money, and Samsung (are they the high-middle-class of Android?)

      (I’ve heard that Airlines make most of their money with those rich dudes in first and premium and business class… I think there might be a strong parallel with First Class vs Coach and Apple vs Android. (this from a guy who is all-Apple and can never justify spending that much on a damn flight 😀 ))

      You do wonder what a mostly-just-Mac Apple would look like! A lot less money to throw around, for sure… though I know some fans think iOS has ultimately taken so much focus away, that Mac has suffered, especially hardware the past few years.

      Oh, also I’ve heard Apple’s other secret sauce is the same as NOKIA back when they were a force; their supply line is AMAZING. Their numbers are so big that they can bend suppliers to their will and keep their costs down. Now THATS where the shareholders $$$$ is coming from 😀

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