The Apple Watch series 2 experience (part 1)

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You don’t need me to write a review of the latest Apple Watch because far too many people have already done that. What I thought I would do instead is write about the experience and how the changes make a difference to daily usage, which I guess could be called a review.

Anyway, you likely know that I have a thing about watches and that after a lot of time and words demonising smart watches as pure evil, I have been wearing a 1st generation Apple Watch for the past 2 months and I am really enjoying the experience.

I have enjoyed it so much that I decided to upgrade to the series 2 by part exchanging my stainless steel original version and paying out just shy of £100 for the upgrade. I’m not sure that I would have paid out £399 for an aluminium version, but was comfortable with the money I had to pay for the benefits.


I’m not particularly amazed by this feature, and especially because it requires you to lock the watch if you are going near water. I get the idea when swimming to avoid accidental screen taps, but all of the instructions suggest that you do need to lock it first.

The ability to turn the crown and blow excess water out is nice, but an example of something that is quite un-Apple. Watches by their nature tend to be waterproof, at least decent ones do, and it would be nice to see the Apple Watch be waterproof without the need to fiddle about before and afterwards. Being able to shower with the watch on though is a bonus even though I rarely do this- I tend to wear watches fairly loose and I like cleaning them every day just because I can.

Battery life

I tended to end the day on 30% with the original Apple Watch, but have seen this rise to between 50 and 60% on the series 2 which is a big leap. This has meant that I can pop the watch on the charger while having a shower and keep it powered all through the day and night. With theatre mode activated, I can wear the watch when asleep and tap it to check the time if I happen to wake up early. And when the morning alarm sounds on my iPhone, I just tap the Apple Watch screen to silence it. Little features that are nice to have.


If I am honest, I have not noticed any speed increase yet. The original series would occasionally stall, but that was rare and if you had told me that there was the same processor in the series 2, I would have believed you. There is one however though in that I have noticed that lifting my wrist brings up the time quicker than before which is a HUGE bonus to someone like me who checks the time often.


Again, as someone who does not go out on long runs, this is a feature that means little to me, but I understand why some people will find it beneficial and perhaps one of the most important new features.


Much better in bright conditions and a big advantage over the original. You may not always notice the improvement, but it is there and welcome.

As a collection, these improvements may not seem like much, but they come together to bring something that was needed to the Apple Watch. I will explain what this is tomorrow.

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