Food banks vs soundbites

The video above is remarkable for so many reasons. Listen to the questions the interviewer asks and how the response do not in any way tackle what is being asked, almost to the point of completely ignoring the plight of the people he wants to discuss.

You may not be able to view the video if you are outside the UK, but for me it highlights everything that is wrong with the general election we are currently going through and the real world in which we have to live in.

There is talk of reducing the school week to 4.5 days due to a lack of funding. As parents, we receive emails almost every week from our children’s school either asking for money or requesting that we help to fight the budget cuts that are causing their education to suffer.

My wife works for the NHS and has only received the 1% increase each year, and when I see the extra hours she does alongside all of her colleagues it is clear that large parts of the service are being run on the goodwill of the people that are being penalised by this government.

When I saw the care my Father received before he died, it was so lacking and demeaning that I felt for him every day. A man who worked for 50 years offered little in return because of budget cuts and no plan to deal with the ageing population.

When my Mother had a stroke in February, she was told that rehabilitation would take at least 14 weeks to start because they did not have the people to help, and to this day the care has been verging on no help at all which means that she could be left with problems that could have otherwise been helped a great deal.

When I stood in my Doctor’s office last week and watched him simply shake his head and say ‘There is nothing I can do’ while my child broke down in front of him, I realise that there is virtually no mental health care available for children in this country.

Experiencing all of this highlights just how important education and health is to everyone. I understand that those without children will not be aware of the problems in schools. I understand that those who have not had need to use the NHS recently will be largely untouched by the problems, but these two sectors run the country.

Bankers, workforces, directors and everyone else are subsidised by the NHS who keep them well enough to work, yet the people doing that are struggling financially to ensure they make huge profits.

The same applies to education. Without schools, people could not work and without schools the next generation would not be working to pay for the pensions of those who are happy to let education standards fall through the floor.

It’s about looking outside of your own world and realising that the entire system has to work for everyone to benefit. Sadly, we seem to be in a spiral of ignorance where far too many people look at themselves and vote purely on that basis. This has always happened of course because we have had many Conservative governments, but in these Brexit times, it feels as if we are losing touch with what the country really needs.

Strikes me that ‘Strong and stable leadership’ is the last thing we need. Some compassion would be nice.

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